Why Americans are Fed up with our Government


Did you ever stop and think why outsiders like a Donald Trump or Dr. Carson have gained such popularity? It is also the reason why a politically ostracized senator like Ted Cruz has been making his way up the polls. The bottom line is that we Americans are sick and tired of what these life-long politicians are doing in DC. That is why news outlets such as Breitbart, The Blaze and The Patriot Channel on SiriusXM are gaining popularity at what seems to be an exponential pace. Not only are these agencies correctly articulating the frustrated feelings and sentiments of us Americans but they are offering a non-Left Wing agenda account of current events.

I’ve made a list of why Americans are tired of the politicians in DC and are fervently seeking an outsider to change the increasing broken system in our nation’s capital:

  1. Our vote means nothing. No matter who we vote into office, Republican or Democrat, their political agenda benefits them and not their constituents

  2. We are tired of Sanctuary cities

  3. We are tired of our Southern Border being wide open and not controlling who enters our country

  4. We are tired of illegal and some legal immigrants living off the American dime while our brave veterans are dying while waiting to receive medical care

  5. We are tired of how many illegal immigrants have better healthcare than hard working Americans

  6. We are tired of Political Correctness

  7. We are tired of importing refugees and letting illegals into our country who fail to integrate and embrace American culture

  8. We are tired of the entitlement society perpetuated by the government

  9. We are tired of working harder and earning less

  10. We are tired that as the central government grows, our incomes and personal freedoms dwindle

  11. We are tired of improperly vetted refuges with ISIS sympathy or direct ties coming to America

  12. We are tired of voting in Republicans who promise to make change but instead fervently enforce the status quo

  13. We are tired of fighting wars but not winning

  14. We are tired of our hard earned money being squandered by the Feral government

  15. We are tired of the cost of Obamacare and of the increasing cost of our own healthcare which is providing less

  16. We are tired of the diseases brought over to ur country by illegal immigrants (I’ve personally been exposed to TB from an illegal while working in the hospital)

  17. We are tired by the politicians telling us how to live and having them look down their noses at us American people as if we are unintelligent sheep that need to be herded

  18. We are tired of a president who can’t identify the enemy and makes excuses for them instead of eradicating these terrorists before they destroy our country like they are doing to theirs and to Europe

  19. We are tired of the increasing debt of the Federal government and their incompetence to balance the budget

  20. We are tired of the Federal Reserve (who are not even a federal agency or elected into power controlling our financial institutions

  21. We are tired that jobs and manufacturing is going over seas

  22. We are tired of the increasing regulations and taxes that are stifling the growth of our businesses

  23. We are tired of the NSA and spying on us by the Federal government

  24. We are tired how the Provda-like liberal media is covering up for the Progressive in government

  25. We are tired of the IRS and complex tax code, and want the IRS disbanded

  26. We are tired of the growth of the EPA and how they are destroying American businesses

  27. We are tired of our failed Foreign policy that continues to be followed despite its repeated failures

  28. We are tired of a president who defends our enemies yet despises us American citizens our heritage

  29. We are tired of a president who is not proud to be an American

  30. We are tired of America being fundamentally changed

  31. We are tired of safe zones

  32. We are tired of the Constitution being ignored and seen as some sort of interesting relic of the past

  33.  We are tired of the government running education

Here are just a few thoughts I rattled off the top of my head. Please add more. This list is just the tip of the iceberg.

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11 thoughts on “Why Americans are Fed up with our Government

  1. I have had enough of government and taxs on top of taxs. From local to state to federal,it’s just a big machine meant to keep the working people at a JOB ( just over broke) to feed the political agenda. I will retire and move to another country soon and live in peace and not be taxed to death. There are many many places better then the USA that you don’t hear about or are told of false security concerns. I come from generations of men who fought for the freedoms of America ,but big government has taken those freedoms away from the people .

  2. I’ve worked hard all my life, and I’m fed up with the government raping us. I completely understand why other countries laugh at us because we are lazy, conceded, and feel entitled. We are arrogant! Everyone talks about hating our government, but not a thing has been done. Our freedom is slowly being taken away. When I look at my check, I want to beat the hell out of government. We (the middle class) support the poor and make the rich, rich but the government keeps breaking our backs for more and more. I’m sick of it all!

  3. Think about people come here to work from other countries working at jobs in the Casino businesses sending American dollars back to thier country tax free.

  4. Who is making money off of this not the people who pay the taxes its other countries politics not us Americans that foot the bill for all the grants thats going to other people not to people that’s been here from the beginning, don’t like Mr. Trump to much but he was right when he said we should be first. If you want to make America stronger.

  5. They fed with they are not doing as good as other people that are coming in our country doing better than them when they family been here forever. THAT should be the new campain not because Americans are lazy.

  6. Although Americans understand what most of the issues are that face the country, they don’t have a clear understanding of what the costs are. That is in terms of money out of their pockets and how it affects choices that they make on a daily basis. Obviously the candidates don’t do a good job of explaining the costs and don’t dare talk about choices. This concern prompted me to write a book on the subject. It is called “Choices.” It describes the issues, talks about the monetary costs and how they affect choices that Americans need to make on a daily basis. It also describes how many of those choices are either becoming limited or are being taken away. Being number 2 in the world in ignorance is a shameful commentary. Hopefully, my new book will alleviate some of it.


  7. That is their trick. It comes directly from the playbook of Soros and even dates back to the Illuminati. Cloud the minds of the populous with BS and nonsense while withholding the real information. It’s a smoke a mirror tactic whereby the government and elites get to do what they want the populous is left misinformed and easily manipulated. It’s the real basis for my latest book- THE HIDDEN REALITY.

  8. We are tired of Americans fighting other Americans and being divided as Democrat/Liberal or Republican/Conservative while our government on both sides of the isles are in bed together with all the lobbyists. We Americans are the stupid ones because we let them get away with it, we fight each other instead of the corrupt thugs we put into power. We just eat and sleep and get fatter and watch the Kardashians while our government takes away our freedoms and instills attacks from the inside, Like 9/11..all done by our government.

  9. That’s so true we American need to take over this so called government and start new

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